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Free vehicle health check

At Regent Autos we offer a free No Obligation vehicle health check. Simply call us, make a 30 minute appointment and bring your car along. Relax with a cuppa in our customer waiting area while we give your car a thorough check over.
We will check over 40 points on your car and we’ll provide you with a copy of the health check sheet filled out by our technician.
Should your vehicle require any work, we will be happy to provide you with a free written estimate. We’ll Leave you free to go away and think it over. Simple, free and no strings attached. 


An MOT is a legal requirement for all vehicles over 3 years old, it ensures that your car meets the minimum safety requirements. Without a valid MOT, your car insurance and road tax is invalidated and your car may not be road worthy. It's important that you make sure your MOT certificate is in date and that you book your next MOT before your current certificate expires. Why not take advantage of our free MOT and Service Text Message reminder service to ensure you stay safe and legal on the road. Click here to enter your details and we'll send you a text message 30 days prior to your next MOT test date.


It is important to get specialist advice before fitting a new clutch as many symptoms could indicate a problem with the clutch, whilst the real fault may be something completely different such as engine revving, a slipping fan belt or a fault that can be cured by a minor adjustment. At regent autos our specialists will provide you with a free clutch check and/or help to arrange vehicle recovery if your car has broken down.


Regular maintenance of your vehicle is essential for safety and can help ensure trouble free motoring. Maximise the lifespan and value of your car with regular car servicing. We are trained to service any make and model of car using the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment and we're committed to providing a friendly, honest and personal service.


The maintenance and up keep of the gearbox is an important part of your car's servicing needs. If you feel that your gearbox is not functioning properly please call us at Regent Autos we will carry out an extensive check using the latest diagnostic equipment. We can identify any gearbox faults and determine the nature of the work that may need to be carried out.


Your brakes are critical to your safety on the road;to provide maximum stopping power they must be at optimum braking efficiency. Regular brake checks and maintenance are important for the safety of your vehicle and help reduce the possibility of costly bills in the future. If you are ever in any doubt about the state of your brakes, please pop in for a no-obligation free Brake Check.


Your cambelt or timing belt is an essential part of your vehicle and failure to replace it, when recommended by your vehicle manufacturer, can result in serious damage to your car's engine. We are keen to help you avoid huge repair bills caused by the failure of your timing belt. If you have any doubts about when your timing belt should be replaced or if a replacement is required, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


General car repairs include regular servicing such as replacing brake pads or more infrequent repairs such as having an exhaust pipe fitted. With general car repairs it is important to know that in many cases, you should get them put right as soon as possible. Delaying repair work can cause further damage and in some extreme cases, not getting something fixed can be unsafe and illegal. Regardless of what repairs you need, at Regent Autos we are here to help


The exhaust system is one of the most hard-working components on your vehicle. It is constantly in use whilst the engine is running. The exhaust system consists of catalytic convertors, down pipes and manifolds and diesel particulate filter. It is essential that your exhaust system is in working condition at all times - if in any doubt please pop in for a FREE EXHAUST CHECK.


Many cars are now fitted with Air Conditioning systems which require serviced & maintained. If a system is not serviced correctley it can result in system failure and/or a build up of bacteria which can lead to health problems. Regent Autos advise to have your Air-con system service every 24 months. A typical Air-con service would include replacing your vehicles pollen filter, adding a antibacterial treatment & a system Re-gas. All this can be carried out in around a Hour. We offer R134A gas and 1234YF gas. Please call for a price and to make a booking. 


Wheel Tracking is an important setting generally made to the front wheels of your car. If your Tracking is out of adjustemnt this would result in premature tyre wear and vehicle not having the "right feel" to it. Ie: a feeling of looseness or wandering, the steering wheel can also be off centre whilst driving straight. the car can feel wanting to "pull" left or right when driving on flat roads.

Tracking is a very fine adjustment and can be knocked out of adjustment by simply hitting pot holes or kerbs.  Regent Autos have state of the art Lazer alignment equipment to check and adjust your tracking. The service genrally takes around a hour to do. Please call to make a booking. 




Having a good set of tyres on your car is very important and a legal requirement. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm; however, we advise and recommend you changing your tyres at 3mm. As the tread depth reduces, the tyre's ability to remove water from the road surface reduces, increasing the risk of aquaplaning and increasing the vehicle's stopping distance. Please pop in to Regent Autos for a FREE TYRE SAFETY CHECK.  Should you need a replacement tyre, We carry a large range of tyres in stock and can fit there & then. You can also buy with confidence with our "Price Promise". 


The Battery powers your car and gives you the go each day. Regent Autos always meet the high quality demanded by international original equipment manufacturers and deliver the performance needed for cold starts and the increased electrical demands of the modern vehicle. Please pop in at Regent Autos for a FREE BATTERY TEST.

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